Lighting: Up Lights and Gobo Monogram Projector

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Lighting: Up Lights and Gobo Monogram Projector

We have up to 24 up-lights 16 are battery powered and can be placed anywhere you need.
Millions of colors or color changing to the Beat.

Link to our uplight and Gobo Projector Pictures and Videos.

UpLights and Monogram. . Pink Blue Up lights

UpLights . .Amber Up Lights

6 Colors

All colors can be mixed to create Millions of color variations.


Gobo / Monogram Projector Examples

F&H gold Room D+G Pink

Party Lighting

LED UV Panel

We have a up to 16 LED up-lights any color or change color to the beat,
Chauvet MiniSphere Video, Smoke Machine, Strobe light, Black Lights, Rope Lights, Oil Light Projector,
Bubble Machine, Mini-Gressor and. Red Green and Red Blue Lasers.