Our Equipment:

We have five separate sound systems for all sizes of events.
We have small compact Battery powered PA systems with 10-15"
2 -Way speakers for wedding ceremonies, in-home private parties or karaoke rentals.

We also have Larger Systems with up to six speakers including Sub-Woofers for outdoor events or school dances.
We also have a State of the Art Digital Video Dj System with an 85" large screen.
Multi-media projector for Music Videos or Karaoke.

We rent any or all or our equipment including sound systems, lighting, up lights
Hatachi 2800 lumens LCD Projector, black lights, rope lights, strobe light and 1000 watt very quiet generator.

Karaoke Rentals Start at $200.00 for a Basic Machine, 2000 song Library, 2 Mics, & TV
Computer Karaoke Systems are $250.00 comes with 6,000 songs & 2 Wireless Mics.

DJ systems come with a Dual stereo inputs for an iPod or laptop
350w Per Channel Stereo Amplifier, Two 3-Way Celestion Speakers with 15" drivers rated at 350 watts,
Shure Wireless Handheld Mic, Headphones, and a Huge Music Library of over 20,000 songs.

We use Numark & Sony CD Players. Numark Mixers. Apple iBook Computers running Mega Seg
Dj Software, Crown, QSC & Peavy Amps. (All our amps are rated at least 250 watts per channel.)

Our Video system uses a 2800 Lumens Hatachi Projector.
Karaoke available. CD+G Karaoke available with a 20,000+ Song Library

Lighting: Up Lights & Gobo Monogram Projector info:

We have a up to 16 LED up-lights any color or change color to the beat,
Color Mini-Sphere, Smoke Machine, Strobe light, Black Lights, Rope Lights, Oil Light Projector,
Bubble Machine, Multi Color 6 Head spinning light, Mini-Gressor and. Red Green and Red Blue Lasers .